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Las Vegas Chamber shifts health insurance strategy

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The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce has a new battle plan in its fight to keep members insured.

Mandates in the Affordable Care Act are forcing the chamber to surrender its group-health policies. In their place, the association will launch a private health insurance exchange for its 5,000 members. Chamber Health Options is scheduled to go live midmonth as perhaps the first — but probably not the last — private exchange for a business organization based in the Silver State.

Your Health, Your Choice


Nevada business owners and their employees are facing some difficult decisions in regards to their health insurance. Should they continue to shop for a group plan, or should they convert to an individual plan strategies for themselves and their employees?

Chamber’s new Health Marketplace


The Affordable Care Act has brought major health insurance changes for Nevada consumers and business owners. How insurance is purchased, how coverages will work and what is best for employers and employees are just a few of the things that continue to raise questions.

Pass this Along to Your Employees: Sun Safety 101

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Chamber Insurance & Benefits

Sun safety is never out of season. Summer's arrival means it's time for picnics, trips to the pool…and a spike in sunburns. The need for sun safety has become clear over the past 30 years, with studies showing that excessive exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer. Harmful rays from the sun, sunlamps and tanning beds may also cause eye problems, weaken your immune system, and give you unsightly skin spots, wrinkles or "leathery" skin.

Office Ergonomics

Neck and shoulder pain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome—how can working at a desk job make you feel like you handle a jackhammer for a living? The answer is ergonomics, the science of coordinating physical working conditions to workers. Proper ergonomics can ease job stress and prevent chronic injuries and disabilities, such as:

April is Autism Awareness Month

Written By: 
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Pencil in Wellness: A calendar year of Workplace Wellness ideas

Written By: 
Greta Beck-Seidman

Workplace wellness programs help you
and your employees improve their health,
overall wellbeing and quality of life. To help
organically incorporate workplace wellness
programs into your business, you may want
to take the lead from health observances
throughout the calendar year. There are several each
month, each with simple ways to institute a healthier,
more mindful workplace. Here are just a few to get your
wellness program started:

So Many Ways to Forget

Written By: 
Schinhofen, L., Trier, N., & Searleman, A.

You forget names and faces, appointments and anniversaries,
where you left the car keys, what you read, what you said,
what you were doing before you were interrupted, not to
mention all the numbers you have to memorize nowadays:
PIN numbers, passwords and user IDs, which five of those
500 cable channels you actually use, etc.
How does your memory handle it all? And how can you get it to be
more reliable?


Laughing is Good for You and Your Child

Written By: 
Behavioral Health Options-UnitedHealthcare

If you doctor said, "Take two jokes and call me in the morning" would you laugh?  You should--laughter is good for you and your child's mental and physical well-being.

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NOW Clinic available to all Chamber Health Plan subscribers

NowClinic is now available!
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It's a high-tech update of the old-fashioned house call. Now you may have a virtual appointment with a Southwest Medical or NowClinic provider from the comfort of your home or office via secure webcam, smartphone or other mobile device.